I encountered this bug that left me a bit circumspect while trying to give a shot at Visual Studio for mac and .net standard.

My setup was the following:

  • Visual Studio for Mac community version 7
  • Two projects with .net standard 1.4 (as far as I can tell, does the same thing for other versions), A is depending on B

When re-building the project, I was encountering an error when building the .net standard project.

The issue it gives is fairly expressive, as you can tell:

CSC : error CS2012: Cannot open ‘/Volumes/DIKS/git/events-client/source/EventServiceClient/obj/Debug/netstandard1.6/EventServiceClient.pdb’ for writing – ‘Sharing violation on path /Volumes/DIKS/git/events-client/source/EventServiceClient/obj/Debug/netstandard1.6/EventServiceClient.pdb’

So basically a file conflict on trace maps.

This seems to be a bug1. Despite some googling around, nothing seemed to be linked. I finally realized that my solution is on a FAT drive, which does not handle I/O the way a HFS drive does. Moving the solution to an HFS drive does the trick!

Hope it can help someone.


  1. that I logged here